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Commencement Notices and 7 Day Notices

BCMS Notice - Christmas Closure Period for Commencement Notices, 7 Day Notices, and Applications (Fire Safety Certificates, Disability Access Certificates, Dispensations, and Relaxations).

The BCMS will be closed to the submission of Commencement Notices, 7 Day Notices, and Applications (including Further Information or Revised Information) from 11:59 pm on the 21st December 2021 to 12:01 am on the 1st January 2022.

Certificates of Compliance on Completion will not be added to the Register between 21st December 2021 and 4th January 2022, and you should bear this in mind when submitting a Nominated Date for Registration of Certificate under Article 20F(8).

Please liaise with your Local Building Control Authority if you have any queries, particularly in relation to the submission of 7 Day Notices.

A Commencement Notice is required to give notice to Building Control Authorities of the erection of such buildings, or classes of buildings, or the carrying out of such works, or classes of works, as may be specified in the regulations.

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The National Building Control Office (NBCO) has a Youtube Channel that gives users of BCMS guidance videos on how to upload Commencment Notices, 7 day notices, Disability Access Certificates, Fire Safety Certificates  

Click on the link for the NBCO YouTube Channel

In accordance with the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations S.I. 9 of 2014, you are obliged to submit a Commencement Notice prior to commencement of a development and it must be received by the Building Control Authority not less than 14 days and not more than 28 days before you wish to commence.  

You need to submit a Commencement Notice if you are:

  • Constructing a building
  • Making a Material alteration to a building
  • Extending a building
  • Materially changing the use of a building
  • Carrying out any works in connection with the material alteration of a shop, office or industrial building.

Please note that in accordance with the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (S.I.9) of 2014 from March 1st 2014 new procedures in relation to the submission of Commencement Notices and 7 Day Notices come into effect.

Forms must be submitted electronically via the Building Control Management System website, as paper copies are no longer accepted. In short the new requirements will apply to: 

  • The design and construction of a new dwelling
  • An extension to a dwelling greater than 40 square metres
  • Works to which Part III (Building Control Regulations) apply.

Additional documentation will be required to be submitted with the completed Commencement Notice for;

  1. the design and construction of a new dwelling,
  2. an extension to a dwelling involving a total floor area greater than 40 square metres,
  3. works to which Part III applies S.I. No. 496 of 1997 as amended. 

Check List to accompany a Commencement Notice:

Any Commencement Notice submitted after the 1st March 2014, which comes within the scope of Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (S.I. 9) of 2014 must fill out an online assessment of the proposed approach to compliance with the Building Regulations and be accompanied by the following:

  • Certificate of Compliance (Design),
  • Notice of Assignment of Person to Inspect and Certify Works (Assigned Certifier),
  • Undertaking by Assigned Certifier,
  • Notice of Assignment of Builder,
  • Undertaking by builder,
  • General arrangement drawings for building control purposes – plans, sections and elevations;
  • The Designer and the Assigned Certifier must be a Chartered Engineer, Registered
  • A schedule of design documents currently prepared or to be prepared at a later date,
  • The preliminary inspection plan,
  • Any other documents deemed appropriate by the Assigned Certifier

  With regard to the above, please ensure the following is adhered to:

  • The Designer and the Assigned Certifier must be a chartered Engineer, Registered Architect or registered Surveyor.
  • A Competent Builder must execute the work.
  • Your drawings must show details of how your building will comply with the Building Regulations.
  • Drawings submitted for planning permission purposes are not typically Building Control compliance drawings.

The Commencement notice and accompanying documentation must all be filed electronically via the online Building Control Management System (BCMS). 

There are guidance videos on how to use BCMS ......


Guide to Commencement Notices

File Size: 797KB - Document Type: Acrobat pdf

Guide to Building Control Amendment Regulations 2016

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7 Day Notice

A 7 Day notice is a fast track notification of commencement, prior to the granting of a Fire Safety Certificate.

The standard fee for a 7 Day notice is €250 or €5.80 per square metre of floor, whichever is the greater. This is double the amount for a standard Fire Safety Certificate application.

The 7 Day notice must be accompanied by a valid Fire Safety Certificate application and a Statutory Declaration form in respect of the work proposed, but only the fee for the 7 Day notice applies

The name of the applicant on the Statutory Declaration form must match that of the applicant on the 7 Day Notice form along with the description of works on the Statutory Declaration which must match the description provided on the 7 Day Notice application form. The Statutory Declaration must be signed, addressed, dated and stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths

Fee Exemption Application Form

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Fee Exemption Form Privacy Statement

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Refund Request Form

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Refund Request Form Privacy Statement

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Payment Policy

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