Elections and Voting

Register of Electors Contacts:

Edited Register

Since 2004, Kildare County Council has published two versions of the Register of Electors - the "Edited" Register and the "Full" Register.

The edited register contains the names and addresses of those voters who have indicated that their details may be used for a purpose other than electoral or statutory use, e.g. for direct marketing use by a commercial or other organisation. The full register lists everyone who is entitled to vote.  Since an edited register has been published, the full register may only be used for electoral or other statutory purpose, e.g. jury lists.

When you are completing your "Application for Registration" form, there is an option in section 3, part (v) for you to decide if you wish your details to be used for a purpose other than electoral or statutory.  You must tick the "opt out" box here if you do not want you name to appear on the edited register.