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Eileen Costelloe - Derelict Boat II 

Eileen Costello

“Derelict Boat” and “Crete I”

These paintings by Eileen Costello are painted in a style similar to that of the later stages Impressionist movement with thick brushstrokes: each brushstroke clearly visible to the viewer. Her painting style is particularly reminiscent of the French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artist Camille Pissarro whose thick painting application was often done with aid of a palette knife. Although Costello’s handling of the paint may owe a lot to the Impressionist style but in the painting “Derelict Boat” her use of colour, in particular the dark outline she gives the boat gives the painting a far more abstract look than most Impressionist paintings.


Camille Pissarro’s “Girl With a Stick”