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Ass Kicking


Ass kicking 1


Project: ‘Ass Kicking’

Artist: Martin Heron, Commissioned under the Per Cent for Art Scheme

Public Art Co-ordinator: Rina Whyte

Year of installation: 2008

Medium: Stainless Steel

Location: Church View, Kilmeague

Size: Total height 4.5 Metres

About the artist:

Originally from Co.Tyrone, Martin Heron has worked as an artist since 
graduating from John Moores University (then Liverpool Polytechnic) in 
1989. Working mainly in the public realm, he has produced permanent 
and temporary artworks for public and corporate spaces in the UK, 
Ireland, Spain and Canada.

“As an artist it is my job to invite the audience to engage with my 
work and reflect on its relevance to themselves. Public art should 
encourage and stimulate interaction with the world around us.  It 
should evoke a sense of pride and wonder for the unique quality of the 
places we live, visit and work.”

About the project:

I have produced a playful work that celebrates its sense of place in 
our folklore and which will be a real focal point for the local 
Donkeys are seen as stubborn difficult animals but for most of us they 
are gentle, hard working creatures that touch a soft spot in us all.
(Martin Heron)

Ass kicking 2