New Naas Library and Cultural Centre

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Naas Town Hall is landmark, iconic building on Mains Street in the centre of Naas, Co. Kildare. It is currently being redeveloped into a new community library for the people of Naas and its environs. The building is of great historical and architectural importance and is greatly loved by the people of Naas.

The new library, with 2,048 sqm of cultural and community public realm space occupies a key landmark town centre site. The library will deliver 1,275.3 sqm indoor space and 770 sqm of outdoor public realm space with the outdoor space incorporating a market space, outdoor workshop area, public amphitheatre and a public space which will be an oasis for people to connect and engage.

A key strength of this project lies in the integration of the history and built heritage to transform a historic community space into a modern public realm facility. Indeed, the original market can be traced back to an 1870 Ordinance Survey Map in the same location. This sensitive consideration of history and heritage creates opportunities to further embed a ‘sense of place’ in the community and give this Naas ‘footprint’ a place-lift. Key to the place-lift is the future role of this cultural space acting as a driver in lifting the cultural geometry of the town. This new synergy will provide the area with a distinctive new character and will attract increased public interest and cultural tourism.

The vision is to create an iconic library, cultural and public space in the heart of the historic town of Naas. Positive impacts will be delivered through people, place, experience, memory and future sustainability. The multi-functional facility will include outdoor civic and cultural space, complemented by an indoor space. The indoor space will accommodate meeting rooms for large and small gatherings, exhibition, lecture and workshop spaces, hot-desk facilities, printing and research supports, collections and gallery space - a place where people come for the ambiance, to work, to meet others, to relax and become inspired.

Our aim is that the new library will become an extension of a person’s home, a place that will become the go-to place to engage with your community and a place that will create unique experiences, opportunities and memories.