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Toys Technology & Training (TTT) Programme

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Library Events Newsletter
Kildare County Council’s Library and Arts Service delivers a range of events throughout the county. To keep our community informed we offer an email newsletter service.

What types of personal data is required in this process?
Your email address is required to provide your consent and subscribe to this service.

What will happen if personal data is not provided?
The Council offers its newsletter service by email only. If you do not provide your email address we cannot send our newsletter updates to you.

How is my consent and personal data managed?
Your email address is used to send monthly updates of Library and Arts events.

If you subscribe to Kildare Library Service’s newsletter for the TTT programme you will
receive up to four emails per year about the TTT programme. You may also receive
occasional emails requesting feedback on this programme and library service development.

You may also receive occasional emails relating to county-wide events such as Culture Night, Kildare Reader’s Festival and National Play Day as these events are county-wide and occur in all library branches, which may include your chosen option(s).

Your consent is managed by means of an opt-in using your email address. To validate your consent and validate your email address you will receive an email requesting that you opt-in for a second time. This consent is stored by the software system that the Council uses for managing this newsletter service, see CleverReach at

CleverReach uses the Google service reCAPTCHA to protect against automated input.

How do I withdraw my consent for use of my data?
You have the right to withdraw consent for use of your email address.
To withdraw consent select the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the newsletter.
Your email account will be removed from the system and you will no longer receive newsletters unless you re-register.

Privacy Statement: Kildare County Council’s full Privacy Statement in relation to this service is here.

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