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Public Art

Public Art provides an important medium for telling a story, recording history, creating identity and expressing what it is to be human - evoking and provoking discussion, creating connections and helping to make sense of our rapidly changing lives. Without the Arts, there would be no quality of life.
The term public art refers to art in all its disciplines such as dance, music, poetry, visual arts, theatre, film etc. integrated into the built, natural, urban or rural environment. Public Art aims to instil animation, enliven and improve a public environment for the benefit of all who use and who will use it. To read more about our Public Art Programme click here.


 Perpetual Motion 100x100  Element 100x100  Neighbours 100x100  From here to there 100x100    Little things 100x100  siren 100x100
 Securus 100x100  Race of the black pig 100x100  Oisin 100x100   raised spirit 100x100  Edward Fitz 100x100  Gallic View 100x100
 Butterfly home 100x100  Clocher Rince 100x 100  Garden of the blue Dog 100x100   Fabulous Green Cat 100x100  Sphishing 100x100  Naas Pool 100x100
 another season 100x100  Castlefen numbers 100x100  Ass Kicking 100x100  Axis 100x100  Castlefen stones 100x100  pause for thought 100x100
 The land 100x100  ford of ae 100x100  Tread softly on the Earth 100 x100  hitchhiker 100x100  Famine family 100x100  Enclosure 100x100
 Canal worker 100x100  Liffey Court 100x100  leixlip play 100x100  Naas garden 100x100  Fionn 100x100  Ardrew 100 x 100
 swan 100x100  Synthesis 100x100        

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