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'Landscape Patterns' - Anita Shelbourne

Medium: Body colour and pastel on embossed paper with an Arts Council laber verso:

Lad Lane Gallery 1979, Anita Shelbourne, Landscape Patterns. Also inscribed by the artist

Dimensions: 54cm x 75cm

Location: Maynooth Library 

Anita Shelbourne has taken inspiration from the patchwork-like look of the countryside and painted a landscape that looks like an actual patchwork. These patchwork patterns of the foreground are similar to the works of the Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. Klimt, like Shelbourne, builds up pattern using shapes and colours, making the vibrant abstract pattern an integral part of the compostition.

Click here to view compare this work with 'Hope' by Gustav Klimt.

Anita Shelbourne - Landscape Patterns

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