Kildare Arts Service : Municipal Collection

Municipal Collection 

Kildare County Council’s Municipal Art Collection (MAC) is an eclectic assemblage of paintings, prints and sculptures.  Many of the works date from the 1970s when Kildare County Council, under the Arts Council Joint Purchase Scheme, purchased a series of contemporary works.  The collection includes work from some of Ireland's most acclaimed visual artists including Evie Hone, Patrick Pye, Patrick Collins, Charlie Brady, Séan Mc Sweeney, Robert Ballagh, Norah McGuinness, and others. 

The Council continues to purchase work to further develop the collection.  Read the Kildare County Council Municipal Art Collection Purchasing and Donations Policy

In 2005, Kildare County Council embarked on a cleaning, restoration and cataloguing programme of the collection. Arising from this work, ‘A Collection Uncovered’, selected works from the collection were exhibited in Riverbank Arts Centre in 2005.  The exhibition was launched by Martin Gale, RHA (the Municipal Collection features two early Martin Gale paintings). A further 2006 exhibition entitled ‘A Collection Becoming’, featured new acquisitions in the collection, complementing the existing collection.  Flautist Brian Dunning was guest speaker at the launch.  Artist Paul McKinley curated both exhibitions. 

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Aaron Ross thumb
Anita Shelbourne thumb
Barbara Dunne thumb
Bernie Leahy light thumb
Bernie Leahy Sliver 1 thumb
Brian Bourke 1 thumb
Brid ni Rinn thumb
Carly Mcnulty thumb
Charles Brady thumb
Colm Lavelle thumb
David Dunne thumb
Derek A Fitzsimons thumb
Eileen Costelloe thumb
E. J. Peters thumb
Evie Hone thumb
fergus untitled thumb
Francoise Curlews thumb
Gerard Pollard thumb
Grainne Cuffe thumb
Isabel miraculous thumb
James McCreary thumb
James Carousel 2 thumb
James Nolan - refelctions thumb
John Behan thumb
John McNulty - waterfall thumb
Laurance Riddell - thumb
Lisbeth birches thumb
Martin Gale - Watch him go thumb
Mary Farl Powers - Waterfall thumb
Maud Cotter - objects thumb
Michael Asher - Galactic thumb
Michael Bulfin - Binary system thumb
Michael Farrell - storm thumb
Michael O Callaghan thumb
Niamh o Malley - big wheel thumb
Norah McGuinness - morning cry thumb
Norah McGuinness - teatable thumb
Noreen Rice - figure on beach thumb
Padraig Reaney - perced figure thumb
Patrick Collins - Les Halles thumb
Patrick Collins - The Country Road thumb
Patrick Pye - Assumption II thumb
Patrick Pye - The Agony in the Garden thumb
Patrick Scott - Arcady III thumb
Paul Doran - 41 thumb
Paul McKinley - Park Series 3 thumb
Pauline Berwick - untitled thumb
Pauline Keena - the named body thumb
Peter Johnston - Paddy thumb
Robert Ballagh - liberty thumb
Rory Rodgers - tory thumb
Roy Johnston - Untitled thumb
Sandy Kennedy - One for sorrow thumb
Sean Cotter - Borderline Green Sky thumb
Sean Fingleton - Untitled thumb
Sean McSweeney - sheltered field thumb
Sean McSweeney - mountain lake thumb
Simon Knowles - thumb
Siobhan Piercy - tinsel thumb
Thomas Ryan - still life thumb
Tim Mara - blue tile thumb
Trevor Geoghan - rabbit thumb
Winifred Garrity thumb