Kildare Arts Service : Municipal Collection

‘Untitled’ - Pauline Berwick

Medium: Coloured reproduction

Dimensions: 88cm x 74cm

Born in Northumbria, England, in 1935, Pauline Berwick first started sketching at the age of two. Berwick studied at the Dublin Art School. She moved to County Kerry in 1973 and it has been the Kerry countryside that has inspired her and her art since.

This picture by Pauline Berwick is delicately coloured, with the majority of the colour reserved for the centre of the scene with the rest of the composition left virtually monochrome. Unusually the figure in the picture, that may seem to be the focus of the picture, is partially obscured by the flowers in the foreground.  While Berwick executes the picture in a realistic way the figure is rendered in an almost carton like way.


Pauline Berwick - Untitled

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