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‘Objects in an Act of Survival’  - Maud Cotter

Medium: Ceramic and silicone rubber

Dimensions: 190cm x 177cm x 25cm

Location: Athy Library

Born in Wexford in 1954, she graduated from the Crawford College of Art in Cork in 1978. She co-founded the National Sculpture Factory. Cotter was based in London at the Delfina Trust from 1992 until 1997 and was artist in residence at the British Embassy in Luxembourg in 1995. She has exhibited across Ireland, Europe and the United States.       

Cotter takes a traditional material, fine pottery, and gives it a contemporary twist. There is a deliberate juxtaposition between the old fashioned and dated style of the porcelain cups and Cotter’s modern and humorous handling of them. The piece, like Surrealists work such as Man Ray’s “Indestructible Object (or Object to Be Destroyed)”, takes everyday objects, the ceramic plates and cups, and showing them in an unusual or humorous way, with three-dimensional ceramic animals falling out of the painted landscapes. 

Click here to compare this work to “Indestructible Object (or Object to Be Destroyed)” by Man Ray

Maud Cotter - Objects in an act of survival

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