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‘And Was Soon on the Way’ - Carly McNulty

Born in Dublin, Carly McNulty graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Dunlin with a Masters in Fine Art painting. She founded Cake, a not-for-profit artist-led initiative based in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare.

This work by Carly McNulty is made to look like wallpaper with a cartoon like illustration on it. The use of cartoon illustration and the imagery of balloons along with toy cars and planes, have connotations of childhood. Andy Warhol used wallpaper as an artistic medium in the 1960s, although he used it in quite a different way. Warhol took one of his signature silkscreen paintings and had it made into rolls of wallpaper, while McNulty’s paintings are produced to create the look of wallpaper but are presented as paintings.

Click here to compare this work to 'Cow Wallpaper' by Andy Warhol

Carly McNulty  - And was soon on the way

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