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‘Heterotopia (Panorama)’ - Simon Knowles


Panel 1: Oil on Canvas on Board

Panel 2: Oil on Board

Panel 3: Oil on Canvas on Board

Panel 4: Oil on Board

Panel 5: Oil on canvas on Board

Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm (each panel)

Location: Leixlip Library

Simon Knowles was born in London in 1957, and studied at the Falmouth School of Art in Cornwall, England specialising in painting and photography. He completed an MA in art history at Birmingham Polytechnic concentrating on early twentieth-century painting. He lectured in painting and art history at Basingstoke College of Technology between 1982 and 1996, before moving to Ireland. He is currently a lecturer of the history and theory of art at the Crawford College of Art and Design and University College Cork. Knowles has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions across Ireland and overseas.

This abstract series of works by Simon Knowles is named after an idea in geography from the philosopher Michel Foucault. Foucault described heterotopias as “other spaces”, mental and physical, neither here nor there. Knowles painting contains the ambiguities of the concept of heterotopia: it is an abstract work but its subtitle (panorama) suggests there should be a representative reading of the piece and it is painted in a way that makes it look like it’s out of focus.      

Simon Knowles - Heterotopia

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