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‘The Agony in the Garden’ – Patrick Pye

Medium: Pastel on board

Dimensions: 63cm x 50cm

Born in Winchester, England in 1929, Pye was raised in Dublin. He began studying painting under the tutelage of sculptor Oisín Kelly, before going on to study at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Pye spent some time in Holland working in stained glass and in 1973 he began etching. He has been commissioned to create works on religious themes by many churches and cathedrals across Ireland.

These two works by Pye are religious scenes depicting figures entering heaven alive (the Assumption). The concept of the Assumption can be seen throughout Christian art. Pye has used an almost faux naïve style that seems to hark back to some of the earliest Christian art, with a focus on composition over perspective and finer detail.

Patrick Pye - The agony in the garden

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