Kildare Arts Service : Municipal Collection

'Light' - Bernie Leahy

Medium: Slate, Thread and Light

Bernie Leahy has exhibited throughout Ireland as well as internationally including shows in London, Liverpool and Chicago. Leahy represented Ireland at the International Biennale in Venezuela in 2004.

In this piece Leahy again uses thread, but in a much different way to her other works in the collection (Sliver 1, 2 & 3). Click here to view the other works in Municipal Collection by Bernie Leahy. Here the tread is the main focus of the work framed by the slate and backlit, all the attention is on the colour and look of the thread. It is interesting seeing this work along side Leahy’s other works in the collection to see her different treatment of the same material, with works that are representational and another that is abstract.

Bernie Leahy - Light

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