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‘Tea Table’ - Norah McGuinness (1901-1980)

Medium: Wash heightened with white.

Dimensions: 35cm x 53cm

Location: Naas Library

Born in county Derry in 1901, Norah McGuinness studied at the Metropolitan School of Art (now the National College of Art and Design) in Dublin and at Chelsea Polytechnic in London. McGuinness spent some time in Paris studying under the French artist André l'Hote. McGuinness also spent time in London, where she was a member of the avant-garde London Group, and in New York before returning to Ireland in 1940. Alongside her career in painting McGuinness worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, designing theatre set and costumes as well as illustrating books.

The bright colour palette used by McGuinness in this painting again shows the influence of the Fauvist movement on her work. The scene is reminiscent of Matisse, this type of scene, a still life at a window, is one that Matisse used a great deal especially in his early career. McGuiness used far more detail and gave the painting a real sense of perspective not seen in “Moring Cry”. These two paintings by McGuinness shown side-by-side help give a idea of the versatility of her as an artist.

Click here to compare this work to “Egyptian Curtains” by Henri Matisse

Norah McGuinness - teatable

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