Kildare Arts Service : Municipal Collection

‘The Country Road’ - Patrick Collins (1910-1994)

Medium: Oil on board

Dimensions: 60cm x 75cm

Location: Castledermot library

Born in County Sligo in 1910, Collins didn’t take up painting until he was in his late twenties, and even then his formal art education was limited to two terms of drawing night classes and limited fine art painting at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Collins spent a lot of time visiting, and later living in, France, where he studied prehistoric monuments that influenced his art. He exhibited widely across Ireland and Europe.

This landscape like Collins other painting in the collection is painted in a loose Impressionistic, almost abstract, style. He uses a limited palette of whites and greys suggest the coldness and barrenness of the scene. Again, like in his painting Les Halles, the main focus of this paining is architectural, with the building being the one recognisable factor in an otherwise abstract painting.

Patrick Collins - The Country Road

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