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Per Cent for Art Visual Arts Commission : Call for submissions

All I need

all I need is a pencil
an eraser or
some chalk
a pen, paper or a
to write out all my
crazy thoughts
all I need is a box or
a brick
so I can sketch on
each and every side
or maybe I could draw upon my kit
and let my imagination………………………….fly

Poem written by Chris Templeton


St Laurence’s National School, in association with the Department of Education and Skills, wishes to commission an Art Work to be sited within our New School Building. This project is to be funded under the Per Cent for Art Scheme operated by the Department of Education and Skills.


St. Laurence`s N.S. is a Roman Catholic rural, co-educational school, with a focus on child centred learning and providing a caring environment for our 315 students.

In March 2014 a major 18 month new school development project consisting of the construction of 20 classrooms, hall, outdoor facilities including play areas and astro turf pitch commenced.  The new school was completed and opened to the students in June 2015. 

As part of this development, the commissioned Art Work installation will provide an aesthetic focal point within the school.  The art piece can take the form on one piece or multiple pieces.

Location and School History

St Laurence’s National School is situated in a rural setting on the R415 Regional Road at Crookstown, County Kildare, adjacent to the river Greese. 

The original St Laurence’s National School was founded in the late 1800’s on the site of the current new school building.  The building was previously a Roman Catholic Chapel (RC Chapel) and became the first St Laurence’s school following construction of the current Church SS Mary and Laurence in the late 1800’s. 

In the late 1960’s St Laurence’s school moved from this building across the road to a new school building and remained there until the opening of our new school in June 2015.

The original school building then became the Crookstown Parish Hall and was used as a theatre (The little theatre of Crookstown) and for other community events.  In recent years the building was condemned by the fire marshall and was demolished as part of this new school construction project.


We aim to provide the best educational environment for our pupils in which they will reach their full potential, both educationally and in their personal development. We recognise the individuality of our students and welcome and encourage the involvement of our parents / guardians. We also recognise the importance of a solid relationship between school and the wider community and strive to foster this, in all areas of our school life. Our school is in the heart of our community with strong interests in sport, drama, the arts and science.

School Motto

Bí go maith leis an ngarlach agus tiocfaidh sé amárch.

Be good to the child and he will come to you tomorrow.

The Project

The aim of the art commission is to provide an opportunity for artists, to develop a new work, influenced by the history, our country setting and the aspirations of our students, teachers, parents and community of Crookstown and the surrounding region.


The commission is for a collaborative art piece internally, to be explored, developed and completed in conjunction with the students and staff of the school.

Three possible locations have been identified within the school.

  • On the main stairwell leading up from the main front foyer, most likely wall mounted.
  • 2 x back stairwells.

(See Pictures in Appendix)

Suitable proposals should include:

  • A visual connection between the interior and exterior of our school building and environs.
  • Be highly sensory and imaginative.
  • Have permanent elements, be durable, safe and easily maintained.

We would like the art commission to capture the vibrancy of growth which is happening in our school community, the school environs and within the wider community.

We also feel it is of huge importance to acknowledge the local history of the area.

We envisage that this artwork will create a stimulating interactive experience for our school community.

Projects financed under this scheme should maintain the highest level of artistic excellence, be innovative in nature and display a high level of understanding of the context of the commission.


The budget for the design, supply and fixing of the completed work will be a maximum of €36,000.  This figure must provide for all costs associated with the production and installation of the Art Work including expenses, VAT, insurance and all other expenditure.  

It is expected that all artists will comply with the necessary Health and Safety Legislation in the manufacture, supply, delivery and installation of the work.

Application Process

The selection process will take the form of a two stage open competition overseen by an Arts Committee (established for this purpose by the school’s Board of Management). The committee consists of the Chairperson of the Board of Management, Principal of St Laurence’s NS, teacher’s representative, local artist and Kildare Arts officer. 

Stage 1 Expressions of Interest

Interested artists should apply by submitting the following:

  •  Current Curriculum Vitae (2 A4 pages Max);
  •  Details of experience considered relevant to schools including images of previous work and locations of same (not more than five A4 pages)
  •  A proposal (maximum five hundred words) describing the artists practice and why interested in making an artwork for the school environment, what the artist considers important in an artwork for the school environment and intended approach to the project.

The above should be submitted in Hardcopy Only to Riverbank Arts Theatre, Newbridge, County Kildare, attention of the Arts Officer, and marked St Laurence’s National School Art Feature Stage 1 - before 12 noon on Monday 7th November 2016.


It is intended the Arts Committee will shortlist a minimum of 3 artists who will be invited to submit a Stage 2 proposal.  Shortlisting will be based on artists experience and details of experience considered relevant to the project, the intended approach to the project and relevance to the school environment.  The decision of the Arts Committee will be considered final.       

Stage 2 Proposal

Each stage 2 artist will receive €300 (incl VAT) to develop their proposal further.

Site Visit

A site visit for Stage 2 artists will be held on Friday 18th November at 11am.  It is highly recommended that stage 2 artists attend the site visit.

A stage 2 submission for Commission should consist of:  

  • Detailed written description outlining the background to the concept, the physical impression of the work, how it relates to our guidelines and the anticipated impact on the audience (one A4 page max)
  • Sufficient drawings, sketch designs, visualisations and/or maquette (and written description if necessary) to describe its physical nature and method of construction (one A1 sheet max)
  • Artists approach to design, fabrication and installation (one A4 page max)
  • Details of maintenance, child safety requirements and lifespan expectations (one A4 page max)
  • Detailed budget (one A4 page max)
  • Details of programme of the project to final installation

The above should be submitted in Hardcopy Only to Riverbank Arts Theatre, Newbridge, County Kildare, attention of the Arts Officer, and marked St Laurence’s National School Art Feature Stage 2 - before 12 noon on Monday 9th January 2017.

Note that the stage 2 artists may be required to present their proposal to the Arts Committee.

Assessment criteria

The selection panel aims to select one artist to undertake the commission but reserves the right to award more than one if considered desirable.

Selection will be made on the following criteria:

  • How the message of the design brief was interpreted
  • The quality, innovation and artistic merit of the proposal
  • Impact and benefit to the community
  • Understanding of the physical, social and cultural context of the work
  • Feasibility
  • Value for money

Please note that artists will be required to submit an up to date tax clearance certificate in advance of any commission payments being made.


The commission will be awarded based on the information provided as part of the application process.  The decision of the Arts Committee will be considered final and the Committee reserves the right not to proceed with any of the submissions received.  Please note that it is not possible for submissions to be returned to artists.             

Intended Schedule

Publication of Brief

Monday 3rd October 2016

Stage 1 Submission deadline

Monday 7th November 2016 at 12 noon

Shortlisted artists notified

Friday 11th november 2016

Site Visit

Friday 18th November 2016 at 11am

Stage 2 submission deadline

Monday 9th January 2017 at 12 noon

Possible Interview/presentation

Week of 15th January 2017

Successful artist contracted 

End January 2017

Project completed

Spring/Summer 2017


Applicants can make enquiries regarding the commission to Lucina Russell at  with subject title ‘St Laurence’s NS Art Feature Commission’.

Brief Appendix

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