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Dance Unlimited 2018

Dance Unlimited

Meet and Move at McAuley Place

Monday 8th of January to Monday 26th of March

Workshop Options: 12.00pm – 1.00pm

Are you interested in dance and movement? KCC Arts and Wellbeing Specialist Invites you to join the upcoming "Meet and Move" workshops for "Dance Unlimited 2018"

For one hour every Monday until March 26th we will be opening the doors of The Arts and Culture Centre in the wonderful McAuley Place to offer a space for all to dance.

This will be a gentle and fun workshop for everyone, we are especially welcoming of those living with health issues such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia and older residents of the county - it is an inclusive space and open to all.

This is also available to health care practitioners from all areas, family and professional carers and people who just want to move!

The dance artists will be there to provide a space and place to move for anyone interested in Dance and Movement from all levels - so if you have never danced and want to or if you are a dancer and want to make connections, this space is welcoming of all!

This space will offer opportunity to engage in chorographical work with the artist and encourage the learning of contemporary dance and movement set pieces.

This “Meet and Move” space will encourage non-verbal collaboration between participants where the language of dance is paramount and participants can engage regardless of language, illness, disability and cultural barriers.

Free and Open to all! Bring a friend and get your dancing shoes on!

Dance artist Ailish Claffey has been chosen to lead this initiative. Ailish's work and particularly her collaboration with community groups will be supported by the Kildare's Arts and Wellbeing coordinator, Carolann Courtney and the Arts Service team. The artist has identified this time as an opportunity to network and reach out to other dancers and peers within the county. Prospects for professional collaboration and development can be nurtured here also. Dance Artist Glenna Batson will co facilitate this project with Ailish.

Let’s get the conversation and dancing started!

This initiative is funded by Healthy Ireland Funding, The HSE and Kildare County Council.

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