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One Minute One Take - Filmmaking competition for Kildare young people aged 10-18 - 27042020

‘One Minute. One Take’ – Filmmaking competition for Kildare young people aged 10-18.


Kildare Arts Service understand that a lot of young people around the county are isolating at home, not able to meet up with friends or participate in their usual creative activities. So, Kildare Arts Service is delighted to announce the ‘One Minute. One Take’ filmmaking competition aimed at young people from Kildare aged 10 – 18 who are currently isolating due to COVID-19.

There will be two competition categories. One for young people aged 10-14 and one young people aged 15 – 18. There will be an overall winner in each category and three runner ups in each category. The overall winners and runner ups will receive prizes. Prizes will include camera equipment. All films will be screened online via Facebook Live on our Facebook page on the 13th of June at 3pm as part of Cruinniú na nÓg 2020, where the winners will also be announced. 

The closing date for sending in your film will be Friday 15th of May.

Competition rules:

  1. Your film can be maximum one minute in length
  2. Your film must be done in a single take (This means one continuous shot, no cuts, edits, adding footage etc.).
  3. You can only use people you are isolating with in the film. (Unless they are included via video chat, skype, Zoom etc.)


Q:   Can it really only be one take?

A:    Yes, one continuous take from beginning to end. If it isn’t, we won’t include it in the competition. That means no cutting between shots, no edits, no pausing your film and restarting shooting, no special effects added at the end. This may mean you need to rehearse your film a number of times and take multiple takes, but the final film needs to be one continuous take. Here’s an example of a one shot short film

Q:   What camera do I have to use?

A:    Whatever digital camera you have is fine, phone, tablet whatever. It needs to be digital so you can email us the film. If you can shoot video on it you can use it. Really, don’t worry about the quality of your camera, it won’t be a factor in deciding the winners. We are looking for the best stories, not the best camera footage.

Q:   I have a popular song I really want to use in my film, can I?

A:    You shouldn’t use copyrighted music in your films, so music from your favourite bands / musicians is out. Either create new music for the film or there are loads of royalty free music sites that you could utilise. Some site examples for royalty free music are in the ‘tips and resources’ section.

Q:   Do I need to shoot the film in a certain way or in a particular format?

A:    No, shoot the film in whatever way best shows off your story. Portrait, landscape, widescreen. Whatever works best for your story.

Q:   Does it have to be about anything specific? Any particular topic or genre?

A:    No, it can be about anything you like. Make a film about what you are interested in.  It can be serious, funny, sad, action packed, whatever you like, the more creative the better.

Q:   I don’t have editing equipment, how can I add titles and credits to my film?

A:    You won’t need any for this competition, just shoot the film and send it to us. Don’t worry about your titles and credits. We will add basic titles and credits to all films.

Q:   Will there be prizes?

A:    Yes, there will be prizes in each category, we are finalising them at the minute, and they will include camera equipment.

Q:   How do I send my film?

A:    You can email the video file along with the competition entry form, available below. If it’s too big to email, you can send your video file via Google Drive / Wetransfer etc.


This all sounds great, how do I enter?

To enter, email your film (Or download link) along with a completed application form, available here, to Eoghan Doyle, Kildare Assistant County Arts Officer on putting ‘One Minute. One take’ in the subject line.

The closing date for sending in your film will be Friday 15th of May.


Tips and Resources:

Here are small selection of resources that may be helpful when creating your one take film.

Royalty Free Music -

If you need some help finding out how to do something specific, google it, there are lots of online resources for aspiring filmmakers out there


Any other questions:

If you have any other questions or queries, please contact Eoghan Doyle on


One Minute One Take Application form - 27042020

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