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Creative Place Athy Coordinator

Kildare County Council and partner organisations recently announced their successful award for the Arts Council Creative Places programme for Athy. Through this milestone achievement, Creative Places Athy will develop the creative potential of the town and environs, through engagement with creatives and the community. A bottom up approach will embrace a cultural diverse creative programme, centred on capacity building, collaboration and sustainability and community development principles. 
We now wish to appoint a part-time Coordinator (20 hours weekly) to lead the Creative Places programme over a 3-year period (2021-2024). The hours of work will include evenings and weekends and flexibility is required. The Coordinator will be self employed and will manage their own tax affairs. The hourly rate of pay is €30, excluding VAT.
Creative Places Athy is an ambitious three year community based artistic programme for Athy, and will be developed in collaboration with project partners for maximum cultural and social impact. Underpinned by socially engaged art practice and community development principles, it will be informed by the community's stories, experience and Athy's social, economic and cultural traditions. 
  • Cultivate a ground up approach to arts and creative engagement
  • Grow existing synergies between artists and communities
  • Develop new opportunities for a diverse range of artists working with communities
  • Embed a rich, supportive and sustainable culture for socially engaged art
  • Create high quality socially engaged art
  • Co-create with partners an innovative programme of opportunities for artists and communities to innovate and work together creatively.
The Coordinator is responsible for the implementation and delivery of Creative Places Athy programme of socially engaging arts/ collaborative arts programmes and commissions in partnership with Kildare County Council, local partners and stakeholders, for communities and artists, as set out in the bidding document*.
S/he is accountable to the Community Arts Liaison Group and line managed by Kildare County Council Arts Officer and a named Liaison Group representative.
The Coordinator will take a leading role in all areas of project management, programme delivery, producing, marketing and communicating with artists, community members and local and national stakeholders,
  • Work in partnership with stakeholders and agencies in the Athy area to ensure the effectiveness of the project and to augment the work that is happening in the area currently
  • Support the establishment of the Community Arts Liaison Group who will support the decision making for programme delivery
  • Work with the Arts Liaison Group to write briefs for artistic call outs, residencies, bursary awards, commissions, training and capacity building to support the community to identify and select artists for same.
  • Prudently manage the Creative Places budget (€500,000+ over a 3 year period) and seek additional funding to sustain the programme beyond the 3 year period.
  • To ensure that project timelines, concepts and marketing needs are met at regular intervals throughout the project.
  • Support skill development for artists, creatives and community facilitators development opportunities related to the project.
  • Support artists in residence to make work with the local community that is socially engaged and support community groups and individuals to participate in the making of the work to be produced
  • Support the artists and community by producing all aspects of the commissions
  • Show commitment to supporting artists and programmes that represent inclusion and cultural diversity.
  • Lead the development of a long-term vision plan, beyond 2024, with strategic partners
  • Disseminate the learning from the Creative Places programme through the 3 year programme and at a sharing event in 2024
  • Participate in information sharing and support opportunities provided by the Arts Council, for the Creative Places programme countrywide.
  • To actively participate in documentation and evaluation of the programme and ensure that evaluation is embedded in all programmes and support the independent evaluator and commissioned artists in this regard
  • Risk assess and manage the risk and insurance for Creative Places Athy.
  • To have cognisance for Kildare County Council's Climate Action programme and use environmentally practices.
  • Support the establishment of a identity, brand and website for Creative Places Athy
  • Build relationships with local, national and international press and media to market the work and update and maintain websites, blogs, social media sites, e-bulletins etc.
  • Carry out such responsibilities as the Community Arts Liaison Group sees fit.
  • Flexible working required, evening and weekend work will be required at times.
  • Have key visibility in the community.
  • Travel associated with the programme may be required (and covered within budget as pre agreed by line manager)
  • Uphold and adhere to Kildare County Council’s Child Protection, Safeguarding and Welfare Policy and Procedures, Health and Safety and other relevant policies.
  • Will have cognisance for Kildare County Council Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of working directly with artists.
  • A proven track record of leading projects and working collaboratively.
  • A proven track record of socially engaged arts and collaborative arts practice.
  • A proven track record of working within communities using a community development approach and understanding of community issues.
  • An understanding and experience of working in socially disadvantaged communities and socially excluded groups.
  • Experience of working collaboratively across statutory, community/voluntary and volunteer led organisations.
  • An understanding of the complexities of working in a local context.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent group and community facilitation skills.
  • Excellent ICT Skills.
The Coordinator will report to the County Arts Officer and the Community Arts Liaison group.
The application form for the Creative Places Athy Coordinato is available online here.
The deadline to be considered for the Creative Places Athy Coordinator is Monday 9th August 2021, 5pm. It is expected that interviews will take place on Wednesday 18th August 2021, online.
*Candidates who are invited to attend for interview will be provided with the bidding for the Arts Council Creative Places programme for Creative Places Athy
For further information about the national Creative Places programme, see here.
For further information about 'Short Grass Stories: Kildare County Council's Arts Strategy 2018-2022', see here.
Queries regarding the advertised Creative Places Athy Coordinator position should be directed to

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