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Free 6 week online workshop series with artist/folklorist Michael Fortune

Calling all county Kildare-based artists, creatives, folklorists and community facilitators. 
Do you want to learn how to use your mobile phone to record, edit and share local folklore and oral history? Join artist/folklorist Michael Fortune ( for ‘Digital Folklore and Stories - Capturing the Ordinary’ and learn new techniques to record people and places, and edit short video. Over the course of 6 weekly sessions, learn methods to use your personal device as a tool for the collection of folklore and field-recording of history. 
This free 6-week online programme will cover :
  • Folklore presentation, methods etc;
  • Using mobile phone/tablet camera and editing using InShot;
  • Using social media/Zoom;
  • Editing audio;
  • Ongoing individual and group practical projects to put learning into practice;
  • Editing;
  • Peer review of content;
  • Archiving and back-up
‘Digital Folklore and Stories - Capturing the Ordinary’ has been devised by Michael Fortune and produced as part of Kildare’s Creative Ireland Digital Programme and supported by Kildare County Arts Service. 
Workshops will be delivered online via Zoom. Maximum 15 places available.  
Workshop dates: 15th, 19th, 22nd, 26th, 29th November and 3rd December
Workshop times: 10am – 12pm
Deadline for applications: 1st November, 12pm (midday) 
Apply here via
Breakdown of 'Digital Folklore and Stories - Capturing the Ordinary' Session 1 -6
This session will cover folklore collecting on film in Ireland and paying attention to methods and approaches.
PRACTICAL: Learn how to make use of your mobile phone to film interviews and documentaries, use your phone to its fullest potential (video settings, manual focus etc) and access the DIY tips needed to create tripods and accessories for shooting. This session will also cover external mics, lights and various configurations, where to purchase etc.
TASK: Record a 3 minute film about an object in your life and the story behind it and your connection to it. Upload film to WhatsApp Group in time for Session 2.
PEER REVIEW: Look at the films made by the group.
PRACTICAL: Edit video on your mobile phone and tablet using the free cross-platform App ‘InShot’. Learn everything you need to know from editing, adding titles, adding and recording sound and sharing the completed film. Hear what is needed to get you up and running and look at transferring completed video files via We Transfer, WhatsApp, Messenger and Air/Snap Drop and compressing files using Handbrake.
TASK: Record a ten minute interview with neighbour or family member using just your mobile phone or tablet. Upload film to WhatsApp Group in time for Session 3.
PEER REVIEW: Look at the films made by the group.
PRACTICAL: An introduction to the area of broadcasting and sharing content online. The focus for this session will be on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and how they are used to share content and generate conversations etc. Michael will walk you through his various social media pages and give an insight into posting with regard to content, narratives, tagging etc. The session will look at Facebook/YouTube LIVE as well as using pre-recorded material using Elgato boxes and Scheduled Posts. See how ZOOM (and other screen based video platforms) can be used for remote field recording and collecting.
TASK: Conduct a ten minute interview using ZOOM. Upload film to WhatsApp Group in time for Session 4.
PEER REVIEW: Look at the interviews made by the group.
PRACTICAL: An introduction to the area of audio recording using your mobile phone. Learn about various audio recorders, types of microphones for podcast recording to outside field-recording. Hear about remote audio recording including the use of ZOOM, WhatsApp and similar. Use free phone/tablet editors for audio editing as well as free open-source, cross-platform software such as Audacity.
TASK: Produce a ten-minute film based around Christmas folklore, customs and memories. This film will be made so it can work as a film and also an audio piece. Upload film to WhatsApp Group in time for Session 5.
PEER REVIEW: Look at the interviews made by the group.
PRACTICAL: Learn about archival and family photos and how they can be brought to life. This session will look at digitising these photos via scanners and mobile phones while also digitising negatives and slides using physical scanners and mobile phone apps. Take a look at producing slideshows/films using InShot and recording narratives under them. Bring these photos to life with your voice, stories and memories using Screen-Recording apps.
TASK: Produce a slideshow film of your own photos with your own voice, stories and memories using InShot and Screencast-o-Matic.
PEER REVIEW: Look at the films made by the group.
PRACTICAL: This final session looks at archiving and backing up material. Learn about practical things from Cloud to hard drive storage and how to back up phones and tablets. Look at systems of working and saving videos and photos and all the hands-on practical things needed to maintain a digital practice. The session will look at file duplication apps and how they work and Michael will walk the group through his own systems and ways of working.

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