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Illuminations and new poem commissioned to celebrate Brigid's Day

For St. Brigid’s Day 2022, and in advance of the 2024 1500th anniversary of the death of Brigid, Kildare County Council, with Kildare’s Creative Ireland team and Decade of Commemorations committee collaborated with Herstory to illuminate landmark sites countywide on February 1st, after dark.  This project centred around St. Brigid's Cathedral, Kildare Town, which is synonymous with Brigid, as well as The Wonderful Barn in Leixlip, Newbridge Town Hall and Kilkea Castle near Athy.  As part of the project, poet Laura Murphy was commissioned to create a poem, Is Mise Bríd, inspired by Brigid, which she recited on location.  The illuminations, with artistic representations, shone a light on the life and legend of this amazing woman

View a video capturing this atmospheric light show and reading

Excerpt from Is Mise Bríd:


I am of the sky

I am of the earth

Dreaming in truth

Since the day of my birth


Táim Eala san speir.

Táim nathair faoin talamh.


I am the light of a thousand stars,

shining over Cill Dara, fair.


I am the fire of Her sacred heart,

Imbas flame, reviving neart.


I am the water of her waters that bear

fruits of the womb, alchemical heir.


Táim solas óir ag bun an tuair cheatha.

Le cuidiu mo anáil a thainigh an bheatha.


I am the first drop of morning dew.

Fires of the mountain igniting anew


I am the blessing of a bright new dawn.

Love from on high, the Exalted One.


I am the cloak that stretches horizons.

A reminder to all that miracles happen.


Dia Dhuit


Dia is Mhuire Duit


Dia is Mhuire is Padraig Duit


Dia is Mhuire is Padraig is Bhríd Duit


Is mise Bríd.

I am Brigid.


I am She who is Goddess

I am She who is Saint

I am She who is Strength


I am She

I am Sí

I am Sidhe




image: Illumination of Kilkea Castle, County Kildare on St Brigid's Day, 1st February 2022

credit: Michael O'Rourke Photography

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