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A swim, two shoals


Swim 2 shoals 448x336 1

Project Title: ‘A swim, two shoals’

Artist: Annabel Konig, commissioned under the Per Cent for Art Scheme for Kildare Sports and Leisure Services.

Public Art Co-ordinator: Rina Whyte

Year of installation: 2009

Medium: Fused Glass

Location: Naas Swimming Pool

About the artist:
'I am based in County Carlow and work from my studio there.  I studied in Limerick, Cork and in NCAD, finishing up doing sculpture and photography. Along the way I have worked with many mediums but glass fusing was new to me until I worked on this project.

I have completed several other public art pieces in both Northern Ireland and in the Republic.  I also exhibit 2d work extensively in both Ireland and abroad.'

About the project -  Designing the piece for the Naas Sports and Leisure Centre allowed me to explore a new medium and it has given me the freedom to create a piece of work, for the public, without the restrictions normally associated with public art commissions.  The adventure of a new medium, one such as fused glass, is huge for me.
I have always been interested in the underwater world and for the Naas Pool, I wanted to use the imagery of grace, speed and energy found underwater. The 2 shoals of fish that are within the image are teaching and learning from each other, a reflection on what might happen in the swimming pool that this piece has been commissioned for.' - Annabel Konig