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From Here to There, from There to Here

From here to there 300x400

Project Title: From Here to There, from There to Here

Artist: Ned Jackson Smyth, commissioned under the Per Cent for Art Scheme
Year of Installation:
Location: N7 Johnstown Kill intersection
Medium: Corten steel, Brass and aluminium
Size: 3.5 x 7 m
Artist's Statement:
The aspect of public art holds great professional and personal
interest for me; I enjoy the challenge of public spaces, the communities
that use them and the interaction of the concept within that space.

About the artist:
Based in North of Ireland, Ned has been working in the area of public art work for a number of years.  He graduated from The University of Ulster Fine & Applied Arts.  He has
been practising as a professional artist since and has extensive experience in exhibiting works, undertaking commissions within both private and public sector, residencies, lecturing within private and educational settings.  He has been commissioned by a number of public bodies to create public artworks and has exhibited nationally and internationally, in Ireland, the UK, Europe, Russia, Brazil and the U.S.A.