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Neighbours 400x300

Project Title: ‘Neighbours’

Public Art Co-ordinator: Rina Whyte

Artist: Aileen-Anne Brannigan, commissioned under the Per Cent for Art Scheme

Year of Installation: 2008 (May)

Location: Coarsemoor Housing Estate, Straffan, Co. Kildare

Medium:  Kilkenny Limestone

Size: 2 Blocks of stone measuring:
600mmX600mmX600mm and 600mmX400mmX400mm

Artists Statement: My initial thoughts were primarily of the location and to include the older and larger housing estate with the newer smaller housing estate - this led to the idea of creating two pieces of work which would relate to each other.

The idea of neighbours sharing a chat and a cup of tea was the inspiration for the almost teacup like form that I used.

The patterns and spiral designs are something I include in a lot of my work.  In this project, I wanted them to have meaning and for the residents to enjoy the knowledge of the mystery of the spirals.

One of the last things I do with work like this is the open chisel work to the background of the carved pattern work.  This is a technique I have    been developing over the last few years. This open chisel work     exposes the natural stone, so often lost in the process of creating the work - for me, the art work comes alive when I use this technique.

A big thank you to Kildare Coounty Council for giving me the opportunity to create artwork for this public space. I have really enjoyed the process of creating this work, and I believe it has played an important role in my development as an artist. Aileen Anne Brannigan