Introduction to Club & Community Volunteering and Leadership Programme 

Programme description: Would you like to volunteer in a local club or organisation but are unsure of where to start or how you can help? The purpose of this programme is to identify & develop your skills to build your confidence as a volunteer. We will be taking the answers you give below into consideration throughout the programme to address your specific needs. The layout of the programme is as follows: 

Module 1: Communication skills & confidence building. Finding and working with your mentor.
Module 2: Leadership skills & accountability.
Module 3: Meeting attendance, minutes, action points, correspondence & post meeting activity (writing emails, letters, and managing yourself in social media).
Module 4: Communication, presentation & how to manage yourself in a meeting environment. 
Module 5: Committee structure & function, safeguarding & rules explained. 
Module 6: Self-awareness & knowing your values. 

We aim to organise every participant with a mentor to guide them after the completion of the programme. 

Dates & Times: Programme starts on Tuesday 31st January from 8 - 10pm. Modules continue on the 2nd, 28th of February, 2nd & 7th of March. All sessions will take place from 8 - 10pm.

Location: Online. Zoom links will be sent out to all participants who register via the form below.

Registration: Click here to register 


Autism in Sport Workshop 

Workshop description: The workshop is designed to provide participants with an understanding of Autism, to help them to recognise and understand key areas of consideration, and to look at strategies of support to include people with autism within their coaching sessions.

Date & Time: Wednesday February 15th from 7 - 9.30pm.

Location: Online via Zoom

Registration: Click here to register


Couch To 5K Walk & Stroll in Monasterevin 

Programme description: Join us for a gentle-paced walk/stroll with the aim of progressing towards 5K. 

Dates & Times: Mondays at 11am for 6 weeks.

Location: Moore's Lock on The Bridge in Monasterevin

Walking Leader: Colman Hynes



Fitsticks & Yoga in Monasterevin Council Hall 

Programme description: Age Friendly Fitsticks and Yoga sessions.

Dates & Times: Mondays at 9.30am.

Location: Monasterevin Council Hall. 



Age Friendly 2km Walk & Talk in Athy 

Programme description: Age Friendly 2km gentle walk for older adults and people recovering from injuries.

Dates & Times: Wednesdays at 11am.

Location: Meeting at Athy Youth Cafe. 



Winter 5km Walk in Athy 

Programme description: 5km walk around Athy, guided by a qualified walking leader.

Dates & Times: Wednesdays at 7.20pm

Location: Meeting at The Court House, Athy. 



Age Friendly Adapted Physical Activity Sessions

Programme description: Adapted physical activity sessions for older adults.

Dates, times & locations: 

Tuesday’s 10:30am – Kilcullen Community Centre

Tuesday’s 2:30pm – Suncroft Community Centre

Wednesday’s 10:30am – Kildare Town Parish Centre

Thursday’s 10:30am – Newbridge Parish Centre



Slaintecare Physical Literacy Workshop

Programme description: Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life. Physical activity is the key to good health & wellbeing. 

Dates & Times: To Be Confirmed

Location: ARCH Centre, Athy.



Heads Up Programme, Celbridge

Programme description: 12 week programme.

HEADSUP is an evidence based mental health education and training programme for men who are finding life stressful, have issues with unemployment, feel isolated or lonely and wish to explore and learn positive ways of managing and improving their overall wellbeing. This group programme aims to encourage participants to make positive changes to their lives, develop resilience and offers support to access local services and supports. 

HEADSUP gives men an opportunity to build their mental and physical fitness while developing an ability to make connections, set goals and develop a life plan to ‘get back on-track’.

Location: Celbridge



Ageing Matters Workshop

Dates & Times: Wednesday 8th of February

Location: Church of Ireland Parish Centre, Athy.



Activator Poles, Celbridge

Dates & Times: Mondays. Advanced session at 11am. Beginner session at 12pm.

Location: The Mill Community Centre, Celbridge.



Activator Poles, Newbridge

Dates & Times: Mondays at 11.30am

Location: K-Leisure, Newbridge.



Activator Poles, Naas

Dates & Times: Thursdays. 10-11am improvers. 12-1pm beginners.

Location: Naas Sports Centre.



Resistance Womens Fitness

Dates & Times: Thursdays at 11am.

Location: Naas Sports Centre.



Body, Mind & Movement Class

Dates: Tuesdays

Location: The Mill Community Centre, Celbridge.



Somatic Dance Class

Dates: Wednesdays at 11am

Location: The Mill Community Centre, Celbridge.



Wellness Walk, Castletown House & Parklands

Dates: Fridays at 9am

Location: Castletown House, Celbridge.



Buggy Buddies, Celbridge

Dates: Fridays at 11am

Location: The Mill Community Centre, Celbridge.



Fitsticks for Farmers Taster Session

Dates: 7th February

Location: Kilcullen Mart.