Kildare Arts Service : Data Protection : Building Security and CCTV

Building Security and CCTV

The data falls into four categories:

  • CCTV 
  • Documents in transit, to either shredding or off-site storage facility.
  • The supervision of off-site data storage.
  • General building security in Kildare Local Authorities.


There are three distinct CCTV systems in operation in Kildare Local Authorities:

Building and car park CCTV

The policy relating to CCTV images stored on recording machinery located in Áras Chill Dara and in other local authority buildings such as libraries etc is that only personal images from the Áras cameras (i.e., featuring an individual or an individual’s vehicle only) will be provided on request to that individual. In all other cases imagery will only be supplied to a third party if requested by An Garda Siochana or solicitors acting in a civil or criminal investigation. At all times, Kildare Local Authorities will endeavour to keep all stored images secure, and not keep them longer than reasonably acceptable, meaning, for a period of at least one month, and no longer than one year from the date of recording. The Facilities manager is the Data Controller for the main CCTV system in the Áras while the local CCTV systems in the libraries and other outlying offices is managed locally following the same basic rules as outlined above.

Traffic Management Centre Cameras

Kildare Local Authorities also operates a Traffic Manage Centre (TMC), which uses traffic cameras at various locations around the county. This facility is operated by the Roads Department and is under the control of the Roads Department Data Controller. CCTV images are only supplied to An Garda Siochana on request or to parties under court order. Neither vehicles or pedestrians are identified in the images which are stored remotely for a period of up to 2 weeks and automatically over-written thereafter. Some images are stored on computers in the TMC to evaluate traffic management arrangements and for comparison purposes i.e. vehicle queue length comparisons at approaches to junctions.  These are deleted following completion of analysis. 

Community CCTV schemes.

With regards the Community CCTV scheme operated for Naas, the Data Controller is the town clerk for Naas Town Council. Similarly, images are provided on request to that individual. In all other cases imagery will only be supplied in the following cases:  

  • The Garda authorities, when such a request is made in writing by a member of at minimum the rank of Inspector.
  • The Judicial Services when requested by Court Order, or
  • Persons or organisations that successfully apply for such information, subject to stringent criteria. 

All data will be automatically over-written following a period of 31 days.

Document Management

The policy regarding the documentary data in transit passing through the Aras, or any other Council premises is that the Facilities Staff will endeavour to ensure that at no time will any Data Storage Boxes or Bags marked 'FOR SHREDDING' be left un-attended in any area accessible by the public inside or outside the Áras, or any other premises. The Facilities Section staff will work with our contractors to ensure the efficient movement of any data into and out of Kildare Council buildings thus minimising the risk of personal data being lost or un-accounted for.  

Supervision of off-site storage

The Facilities Manager administers the contract for the off-site storage of Council files from several departments. The storage facility houses a combination of files in 'banker boxes', plan cabinets, safes, and fire-proof cabinets. The contractors performance and premises will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure the Council's obligations under the Act are met, and also that the contractor abides by the terms of the Agreement which makes reference to access to Council data, it's safekeeping, and transport. 

General Building Security

The general security of buildings also comes under the remit of the Facilities Manager. In Áras Chill Dara there is an access control system segregating the public areas from the 'back office' where staff work and sensitive information is processed and kept. Only staff, or signed-in contractors or visitors who have a proximity card may gain access. The Facilities team constantly monitor the access system and the CCTV to ensure there are no doors propped open or system malfunctions. It is the policy of the Facilities Section to remind staff on a regular basis to pay heed to the safety and security of all property in, and users of the Áras. For outside buildings such as libraries, area offices etc., responsibility for securing the buildings and the data contained therein is locally managed by the senior staff members on the site.