Kildare Arts Service : Introductions : Visual art intro

Visual Arts

Exploring and broadening definitions of the arts
o Kildare County Council will provide a challenging Visual Arts programme that extends boundaries and interpretation, to include new technologies, photography and mixed media

Redefining ways of working
o Use the emerging annual Artist Symposium to bring artists work to non-traditional arts spaces, such as train stations, shopping centres
o With the participants in the Temporary Foray lecture series, establish a Visual Arts forum, to inform visual arts policy.
o Commit to an annual purchasing, commissioning, exhibiting work which will extend the Municipal visual art collection for Kildare County Council.
o Establish a three-year residency programme that challenges traditional concepts of Visual Arts in libraries

Documenting the arts
o Create an on-line gallery and data base of the Municipal Visual Art collection

Promoting best practice
o Establish a purchasing/ acquisition policy for the Municipal Art Collection
o With key artists, devise and offer challenging Visual Arts in Education programmes to schools.
o With Library Service staff, develop models of best practice for Visual art exhibitions in libraries

Commissioning new work
o Use the emerging annual Artist Symposium to provide new opportunities, to challenge views of contemporary Visual Arts
o Maximise commissioning opportunities within the Per Cent for Art scheme and other initiatives.

Capacity building in the arts
o With Riverbank Arts Centre, create an annual bursary award for an emerging Visual Artist from Co Kildare, to include a solo exhibition and grant aid.
o Evaluate and restructure the support of individual artists, in the context of the Arts Act Grant scheme
o Evaluate and restructure the support of amateur and community arts groups, in the context of the Arts Act Grant scheme

Development of arts infrastructure
o Liase with art colleges nationally to make contact with emerging Visual Artists in Co Kildare.
o Establish a permanent gallery for Kildare County Council’s Municipal art collection in Naas
o Continue the support of the Leinster Printmaking Studio, with priority for the professional development of members.
o Audit, review, maintain and improve the exhibition facilities in Leixlip, Celbridge, Naas and Athy libraries