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Grainne Cuffe - The Gold of Being 

Gráinne Cuffe

Born in Dublin in 1957, Gráinne Cuffe studied Fine Art at Dun Laoghaire School of Art. She went on to set up and run the Lithography department in Wicklow Fine Art Press, before completing a Master Printer’s course at the Tamarind Institute of Lithography, Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has exhibited widely across Ireland and the UK.

“The Gold of Being”

This lithograph by Grainne Cuffe could at first glance seem that it was taken from a botanical book of flower studies. But on closer inspection one can see the lightness of touch used by the artist, the way in which the leaf and petals seem to fade into the white of the background, giving the image a sense of being both solid yet translucent. Cuffe also manages to bring a contrast of shade and light to the work while using a restrained palette of yellows and greens.