Development Control

Policy for Kildare County Council for taking estates in charge 2008

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The Taking in Charge Process

The term “Taking in Charge” means that the council assumes liability and responsibility for the roads, footpaths and public areas associated with a particular estate.  When a residential development is completed in accordance with all the conditions and particulars of the planning permission, the developer or the majority of home owners may make a written request to the Development Control Section to have the estate taken in charge (roads and services). 

The Housing Agency and the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage have produced Planning Leaflet 15 which is entitled ‘A Guide to Taking in Charge of Completed Residential Developments’.

The leaflet sets out what is meant by the term ‘Taking in Charge’, who can seek to have a completed development taken in charge and the associated procedures. The leaflet is available via:  or by clicking here Irish version or here English version.

Taking In Charge Policy Statement

Our taking in charge of housing estates policy statement which was presented to full council in June 2008 sets out our policy, procedures and standards required for taking private residential housing estates in charge. 

Home owner applications

The application form must be accompanied with the signatures of the majority of the home owners (not tenants).


Development Control Estate Review

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