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Housing Contacts:


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Tuesday,Wednesday 9am - 1pm

045 980705

Homeless Services

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Monday to Friday 9am - 1pm

045 980230

Housing Grants

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Wednesday 9am - 1pm

045 980480


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Monday to Friday 9.30am to 11.30am
Level 1

045 980818

Loans/Tenant Purchase/Conveyancing

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Monday to Friday 2pm to 4pm
Level 1

045 980780


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Monday to Friday 2pm to 4pm
Level 1

045 980870

Rent/Travellers Accommodation

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Monday to Friday 2pm to 4pm
Level 1

045 980991

Housing Maintenance

045 980998

045 980200


A Masterplan

“A Town Renewal Masterplan is effectively a blueprint to guide the rejuvenation of a town or village. It is informed by a robust analysis, including for example the historical context (urban morphology), urban ‘health checks,’ land use surveys, building condition surveys, analysis of movement patterns (pedestrian movement/footfall and vehicular movement), car parking analysis, architectural heritage appraisals and urban design character and it is generally supported by extensive public consultation. As part of the Renewal Masterplan process a number of priority projects are identified for delivery.”                                                                                                                                                                                    (Table 14.1 - Kildare County Council Placemaking Strategies, County Development Plan)

Although not a statutory document, the Masterplan supports the objectives of the County Development Plan and the relevant Local Area Plans.

The Masterplan is unique to each town and will focus on maximising the potential of the built and natural heritage by using existing assets to enhance their role as visitor destinations and helping to create new local employment opportunities.

A tailored approach to each settlement’s regeneration will provide for the development and enhancement of their overall function and ‘unique selling point’ (USP) through the identification and implementation of priority projects.

It should be viewed as a long-term plan of action (20+ years) which has been developed and agreed in consultation with residential and commercial stakeholders from the town/village, the Elected Members, and the relevant Departments within the Local Authority The Masterplan is an important addition to the application process for URDF, RRDF and Town and Village funding where a greater priority is given to the funding of projects which are considered part of an overall town plan.

The projects identified for delivery are not prioritised within the document. Projects will be delivered when funding becomes available through the various town renewal funding streams, LPT or in partnership with other Local Authority departments to leverage available funding from other work programmes.

It should be noted that the projects identified in the Masterplan are conceptual only and are subject to appropriate planning consents and further consultation processes prior to detail design stage.