The Pre-draft Public Consultation Issues Paper for the Kildare Town Local Area Plan 2019 - 2025 went on display from 21st August - 17th September 2018. 

The Kildare Town Local Area Plan 2019 -2025 was then paused due to the Variation of the County Devbelopment Plan 2017 -2023. It is envisaged that the new Draft Kildare Town LAP will go on public display in 2022. Until a new plan has been adopted to replace the 2012 - 2018 LAP, any planning decisions will be based off of the 2012 -2018 plan.

Please keep an eye on our consultation portal for updates. You can also sign up to receive notifcations about LAPs when registering on the portal here:


Pre-draft Public Consultation Issues Paper

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