3rd June 2022

Following on from the announcement by Minister Humphreys last week, we are delighted to announce the launch of the 2022 Town and Village Renewal Scheme.

Following the launch of Our Rural Future, and subsequently the Town Centre First Policy, there has been some amendments to the Town and Village Renewal Scheme. Our Rural Future will see increased investment out to 2025 in remote working infrastructure to provide an opportunity for people to continue to live in rural communities while following their career ambitions. It will also see continued investment to support town centre living. It will ensure cross government investment to support rural towns and villages as hubs of economic and social activity.

Grant Levels:

For the 2022 Scheme, the minimum grant which is available is €20,000. The maximum level of grant funding available is remaining at €500,000 in respect of one application from each Local Authority. A maximum of €250,000 will apply in respect of 5 applications.

1 application must be in respect of Towns/Villages that have not previously received funding under the Standard Town & Village Renewal Scheme in the last 3 years.

Scheme Focus:

Following the launch of Our Rural Future, and the subsequent Town Centre First Policy, TVRS objectives are being refocused to align with commitments within these Policies. The 2022 Scheme will prioritise tackling vacancy and dereliction in towns and villages. Other projects which will be welcomed include regeneration projects that support active and vibrant town or village centres, remote working, upgrading shopfronts and street facades, and green spaces and parks, etc.

The deadline for Expressions of Interest is 17th June 2022

Completed forms should be emailed to in the Strategic Projects and Public Realm Team.


Further information on additional measures for 2022 include: (Please refer to Scheme Outline for full details)

Building Acquisition Measure

In recognition of the urgent need to transform and regenerate town centres a new measure to immediately acquire derelict or vacant buildings, with the intention of using these projects for town regeneration purposes in line with the aims of TVRS, is being introduced this year. Local Authorities can submit up to 2 applications for a total fund of €400,000 under this measure.  Buildings purchased under this measure will be considered for use as a multi-purpose community/enterprise space. The selected buildings may form the basis for future Town & Village Renewal Scheme funding applications. In this regards, buildings that are proposed must be suitable for refurbishment/renovation into a community/enterprise space. A building (s) selected for potential future enterprise/hub use must satisfy the criteria under the Location Assessment Model developed in the Kildare Hub Strategy.


Project Development Measure:

The Project Development Measure (up to €50,000) was introduced on a trial basis last year. This year Local Authorities can submit up to 2 applications under the PDM.


Marketing Campaign Measure

A new Marketing Scheme Measure (up to €50,000) is being introduced, on a trial basis, to fund marketing campaigns targeted at attracting remote workers and mobile talent to individual counties, in line with the commitments under Our Rural Future. Kildare County Council will apply directly to the Department for this funding. The funding will be administered by Kildare County Council and delivered in line with Pillar 4 (Hub Network Promotion) of the Kildare Hub Strategy.


Rate of Aid:

The rate of Aid for projects (excluding the BAM) for this year will remain at 90% in recognition of the challenging environment for raising financial contributions.


Categories of Towns:

Larger towns with a population of up to 15,000 people may be eligible under certain circumstances.



2022 Scheme Outline

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2022 TV Expression of Interest form

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