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Controlling and eliminating pests such as rats, mice and insects is important as they are not only highly unpleasant but pose a danger to health. The Environmental Health Office (HSE) has the legal power to deal with infested premises or land however the responsibility to rid a premises or land of rodents rests primarily with the person occupying it.

 In order to support the public in this, the Environmental Health Service has produced an information leaflet detailing how to eliminate an existing rodent problem and also outlining precautions that can be taken to avoid a rodent infestation. Many rodent problems can occur due to rodents being disturbed during building works a similar leaflet has also been produced aimed at those in the construction industry.

To contact the Environmental Health Office (HSE Naas), telephone 045 920267/ 920208



Rodent control for householders

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Rodent control for the construction industry

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