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Heritage Office and Heritage Plan

The Heritage Officer Programme is a partnership arrangement between the Local Authority and the Heritage Council. Kildare County Council appointed Bridget Loughlin as Heritage Officer in November 2002. Since then, Bridget has dedicated her time to promote heritage and biodiversity in County Kildare. Bridget assists various community groups with heritage projects and organises educational workshops across the county. A meeting with Bridget could mean you’ll come away knowing all about saving swifts, bog butter or at one of her busiest times of the year, the Heritage and Biodiversity Week event line ups.

Some of the principal areas addressed by the Heritage Officer include:

- Promoting interest, education, knowledge and pride in Kildare's heritage
- Providing advice and information to the public and Local Authority staff
- Data collection
- Liaising with other bodies in the promotion of heritage
- Strategies, policies and projects

Heritage has been defined in the Heritage Act 1995 as including the following 13 elements:

Archaeological objects
Architectural Heritage
Heritage Gardens and Parks
Heritage Objects
Inland Waterways
Wildlife Habitats