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Commercial Rates

Changing or Removing the Rateable Valuation on a Property

Once the rateable valuation is fixed on a property, it does not change from year to year.  Under the legislation which governs the valuation process, Tailte Éireann will only revise a rateable valuation if a “Material Change of Circumstance” has taken place since the property was last valued.

The main criteria for satisfying the Material Change of Circumstances rule are:

  1. The property is an existing property whose value has changed due to structural/physical alterations (including damage by fire or other physical cause).
  2. The property is an existing property which has been divided into 2 or more separate properties.
  3. Two or more existing properties have been amalgamated into a single property.
  4. There has been a change in the rateable status of an existing property. This occurs when a property which was previously rateable becomes exempt (e.g. when a commercial property is converted for domestic use), or a property which was not previously rateable has now become rateable.
  5. The property begins or ceases to be licenced under the Licensing Acts 1833 to 2011.

If a material change of circumstance has taken place, a ratepayer can ask to have the rateable valuation on a property revised by Tailte Éireann at a cost of €250 per property.

For further details, please contact  Tailte Éireann at telephone 01 817 1000, e-mail: or website:

Alternatively, contact your Revenue Collector HERE for further advice.