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Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process

The Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) is a process to help support mortgage borrowers who are in arrears, or at risk of going into arrears.  We have a dedicated team in our Arrears Support Unit that will work with borrowers. 

If you are deemed to be eligible for the process, we will work with you to bring you through the process in order to try to get the best solution to address your arrears situation.  For further information, please see the Borrower Information Booklet.  To contact our Arrears Support Unit, please phone: (045) 980652 or email:

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Shared Ownership Restructuring Guide

To find out more - click on the Shared Ownership Restructuring Guide

Shared Ownership Restructuring Guide


Borrower Information Booklet - Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process

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Standard Financial Statement Checklist & Explanatory Info

File Size: 1,269KB - Document Type: Acrobat pdf

Standard Financial Statement

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