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Community Grants

FAQs and Staff Contacts

Can I apply for all bursaries?

Yes. If you tick the boxes relevant for you, your application will be considered  provided you meet the required criteria. However if your application is successful you will only receive one award.

How do I know if I attended a DEIS school?

The following schools are listed as DEIS schools in Co. Kildare:

  • Athy Community College
  • Curragh Post Primary School
  • St Conleths Community College
  • Pipers Hill College
  • St Farnans Post Primary School
  • Ardscoil Rath Iomgháin
  • St Pauls Secondary School Monasterevin

I am undertaking a post-graduate degree, can I apply?

The bursaries are not designed to support post-graduate studies, however any application will be considered should their be a remaining budget. 

I have been awarded a bursary, how I draw down my payment?

To draw down your payment you will be required to submit proof of registration for the academic year and a copy of your bank statement that shows a BIC and IBAN. 

I was awarded a grant last year do I still need to supply my bank statement?

Yes, we need this information to ensure that we have the correct bank details on file and to ensure that the money is paid into your account.

I was awarded a grant last year, do I still need a written reference?

If you were awarded a grant last year we will not require a written reference. However we would ask that you would include the contact details of your referees on the application form.

If I can't get a written reference what should I do?

If you have been out of education for a long time you can submit a rcharacter reference from a previous employer or a member of a community organisation you are involved with. 

If you are still in education but have been unable to get a response from your chosen referee please note this on your application and submit the reference as soon as you have received it. 

What happens to the information I submit?

The information you submit is stored securely within the council and is only viewed by the assessment panel, after a period of time the information is destroyed. Further details on this can be found in our privacy statement attached to the application form.

What is the maximum I can apply for?

There is no section on which to state how much you wish to apply for, your application will be assessed by the committee and a decision will be made based off the information in your application.

Which bursary should I apply for?

Your circumstances will dictate which grant you are eligible for. The William G Carroll Bursary is for anyone who's course is focused on community development, improving communities or assisting communities.

The Kildare Council Bursary for People with Disabilities is for any course for an individual who may have an intellectual or physical disability which may act as a barrier to them undertaking this course.

The Kildare Council Members Memorial Bursary is for anyone undertaking an undergraduate or PLC course who had previously attended a DEIS school in Kildare.

Who can apply for an Education Bursary?

Anyone from Kildare attending a third level institute to undertake undergraduate studies. Post Graduate and PLC studies will be considered on a case by case basis.

With regard to the Memorial Bursary for DEIS schools, PLC and Certificate courses will also be considered.

Why am I required to submit medical, financial and employment details?

We ask for this information to help us validate the claims made in the applications forms, the more information we have the better able we are to make an informed decision on your application

Will the grant award cover my registration fees with my college or university?

While the awards are designed to assist people in attending third level education, it is highly unlikely that they will cover your registration fees for the year.