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Septic Tank Registration

Homeowners are required by law to register their DWWTS with Protect Our Water. To check if your DWWTS is registered contact ‘Protect Our Water’ directly by phone on 1890 800 800 or by email at

 Taken from their website just now:

 Telephone support on 01-6438484 services available between 10am to 14.00pm you can also email queries  to


Inspections and performance standards

The basic standard expected for all domestic wastewater treatment systems is that they do not cause a risk to human health or the environment.  Inspections are carried out to identify treatment systems that do not meet this standard.  Irrespective of the age or type of system in place, if there is no evidence of risk to human health or the environment, no action is necessary.  There is no question of imposing modern standards on older systems, or of householders having to acquire additional land to remediate systems arising from an inspection.

Where an on-site system fails an inspection, the remediation work required is based on factors such as:

  • the nature of the problem
  • the extent of risk to public health or the environment
  • the existing site size and the hydrological and geological conditions present


Will my Septic Tank be Inspected?

Kildare County Council carry out inspections in accordance with the National Inspection Plan: Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems published by the Environmental Protection Agency.  The number and locations vary from year to year and are subject to the requirement of the EPA.

The EPA National Inspection Plan instructs Kildare County Council to carry out a minimum number of inspections in 3 risk zones, in accordance with the site selection process outlined in the National Inspection Plan. Authorised inspectors use a risk based methodology to assist in the selection of properties for selection and they will give the owner at least 10 working days’ notice before the inspection.

The new National Inspection Plan grant is not a universal grant and inspections will not neccesarily be carried out at the request of a homeowner.

For further information on what to expect from a Septic Tank inspection a leaflet is available in the Council offices or can be downloaded from the link below.


Is my Septic Tank Registered?

If you are buying, selling or otherwise involved in a particular property and need to know if the septic tank system or wastewater treatment system is registered, contact Protect Our Water directly at the contact points above.  Kildare County Council cannot provide this information to you.