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National Heritage Week 2021

14th - 22nd August

National Heritage Week 2021, the Heritage Council will once again invite individuals, communities and organisations to develop Heritage Week projects.
Projects will involve the harvesting and sharing of knowledge, in a planned way, and over a number of weeks.

Projects could involve developing something new, e.g. the development of research about a particular place in your locality, exploring an aspect of your local biodiversity, or developing an oral history collection about a particular moment of history in a community.
Projects could also involve revisiting or building on a heritage project that you have already worked on, for example showcasing research you have already done on a monument, a waterway, or a skill or tradition in your community, and finding news ways to grow awareness of it.

Registering your project

The call for accepting National Heritage Week projects will open on Wednesday, 16th June 2021.
Projects should be completed in time for National Heritage Week (14th – 22nd August) when they can be showcased on formats for showcasing may vary from online talks or exhibitions, to video, podcast, a PowerPoint presentation or blog, to media coverage, a dedicated website or social media account, or by means of in-person events, if permissible under public health guidance.
Projects can be uploaded to the National Heritage Week website until Monday, 30th August 2021.
All projects uploaded by 30th August will be considered for a National Heritage Week Award.

Everyone is invited to take part in National Heritage Week 2021: This includes individuals, families, communities and organisations – including cultural institutions, NGOs and businesses.

The Heritage Council, which organises National Heritage Week, is inviting:
Individuals, groups and organisations who have previously participated in National Heritage Week, or have undertaken heritage projects or research in the past, to either develop a new project or build on existing work and explore ways in which to showcase and grow awareness of heritage.
Heritage new-comers, who are interested in exploring an aspect of our heritage as part of National Heritage Week 2021.
Cultural institutions and State agencies (including county councils) are especially invited to consider promoting an aspect of programming which aims to be inclusive (in line with Public Sector Duty).

Please read this leaflet, Approach to Heritage Week 2021

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