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  • Head Office: Áras Chill Dara Devoy Park Naas Co Kildare W91 X77F

Parks and Open Spaces

Tree Managment


Trees play an important role in Kildare providing aesthetic, ecological, economic and social benefits in the towns, villages, countryside and parks and open spaces. They are also an important resource to combat Climate Change. Trees need ongoing maintenance to continue to provide these benefits. Kildare County Council recognises the importance of trees and the role they play.

Tree Works

We carry out a programme of Tree Works comprising of pruning and removals annually in the county to manage, preserve and enhance the trees in public areas. The works are largely based on requests we get from the public and public representatives through the year.

Pruning works are normally carried out over the winter months December to March by qualified Tree Surgery Companies contracted by us.

Tree removals form part of this work also. Tree removals are sometimes necessary where the tree is dead, has a structural defect and is dangerous, causing damage to surrounding paths or structures, maybe inappropriate for the location its planted. Example too close to a public light.

Tree Planting Programme

A planting programme is also carried out each year. Planting is done while trees are dormant over the winter and early Spring. Our programme of planting is normally done between January and early April. Our programme incorporates replacement of trees in estates where trees have had to be removed, new planting locations in housing estates, parks and opens spaces and along roadsides. We also plant hedging to screen walls, secure locations or to enhance existing hedgerows where the original planting may have died out or needs strengthening with new or additional planting.

The size of tree we mainly plant are semi mature but where possible we also plant saplings.

Any requests for tree works can be emailed to us at or you can phone us at 045-980553.