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Road Safety, Cycling and Sustainable Transports

In many European countries daytime running lights are mandatory either during specific months of the year or for the entire year. International research indicates that daytime running lights are safer for both motorists and pedestrians. They enable vehicles to see and been seen particularly during the winter months when the quality of light is reduced. In 2006 the European Commision published a consultation document, saving lives with daytime running lights which suggested that mandatory introduction of daytime running lights could save between 1,200 and 2,000 lives in the European Union annually.

Why should you use dipped headlights

  • The use of dipped headlights during daylight hours will lead to a reduction in the number of vehicle collisions and accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Vehicles with their lights on in daylight hours are more visible
  • It makes it easier to detect approaching vehicles from further away
  • It reduces the chances of another vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian moving unexpectedly into the path of a vehicle
  • It can improve the identification of all vehicles including motorcyclists
  • It can result in safer judgement in relation to overtaking.

The use of dipped headlights does not

  • Substantially increase the running costs of your car
  • Significantly shorten bulb life – because dipped headlights operate at a reduced intensity.