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Road Safety, Cycling and Sustainable Transports

Driving is the most dangerous thing we do everyday. Mobile phones have become part of everyday lives and, in an emergency situation; they can be a lifesaver. However, when you are behind the wheel, they can be a Killer!

You are Four times more likely to have a crash if you are using a mobile phone while driving.

Using a hands free phone while driving is a significant distraction, and substantially increases the risk of a driver crashing.  Those that are more likely to use a mobile phone while driving are company car drivers or drivers on long journeys.

What are the Risks associated to driving while using a hands held or hands free:

…are less aware of what’s happening around them
…fail to see or notice road signs
…fail to maintain proper speed and lane positioning

Drivers using a mobile phone while driving are more likely…
…to tailgate the vehicle in front
…to react more slowly and take longer to brake
…to enter unsafe gaps in traffic
…to feel more stressed and frustrated

Advice for Drivers

Use a Message Answering Service:
Ask yourself, is it necessary to answer ALL Calls? The answer is No in most cases. Use a message service and call back at a more suitable and safer time.

Stop in a Safe Place:
If a call is urgent or cannot wait, park in a safe area and Stop Driving. Only then should you Make or Take a call on your mobile.
Remember: Never stop on a hard shoulder or a motorway unless in emergencies.

Hand Held or Hands Free?
It is illegal to use a Hands Held mobile phone while driving, however, a hands free kit can be just as dangerous, as it too causes a distraction and takes away from the primary responsibilities that the driver has while driving.

Call on a Passenger:
If you really need to make a call, ask a passenger to make the call for you, using the hands free kit. Allow them to dial the number while you drive.

Stressful calls:
Stressful calls should be avoided at all costs. Discontinue any conversation with a caller while driving. Call the person back at a later stage when it is safe to do so.