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Road Safety, Cycling and Sustainable Transports

Kildare County Councils continues its aim to provide improved pedestrian facilities through out the county. This is done by the improvement of existing infrastructure and the installation of new facilities, all of which include footpaths, footbridges, dropped kerbs, refuge islands, controlled crossings such as zebra, pelican or pedestrian crossings. Thankfully pedestrians do not account highly in road fatalities, however, pedestrians are at a greater risk on the roads than those in vehicles or on motorbikes.

A pedestrian is a vulnerable road user, because they are exposed to a lot more dangers and hazards than others. There is no protective cage or barrier surrounding them, unlike a vehicle, or the safety gear that motorcyclists wear.

Some of the dangers and risks associated with pedestrians is their lack of visibility, presence and safety while on roadways. Where they cross, how quick they cross roads and again, their visibility while crossing roads are all factors for pedestrian safety.

Pedestrians put themselves at risk when….
…they do not wear bright coloured clothing or high visibility material such as a vest, armband or belt while out walking
…they walk in unlit areas
…they walk in areas where there are no footpaths are safe margins
…they cross roads at brow of hills or between parked vehicles
…they cross roads without looking or allowing approaching vehicles to pass
…they misjudge the speed and distance of approaching vehicles before crossing

Motorists are at risk of hitting a pedestrian when…
…the driver is not watching out for pedestrians
…the driver does not slow down in built up areas such as streets, towns and at schools
…the driver does not slow down when they see a pedestrian about to cross a road
…the driver does not drive slowly in unlit areas, or when a bright sun is in their eyes
…the driver assumes the pedestrian can actually see them

PEDESTRIANS - When Out Walking

- Always wear Reflective Vests, Armbands or a Sam Brown belt
- Always wear light coloured clothing
- Always walk on the side of On-Coming Traffic

Either way – Speeding Kills Driving Skills – S L O W   D O W N

If Hit by a Car travelling at 60km/h, 9 out of 10 Pedestrians will be Killed, or to put it another way -
If Hit by a Car travelling at 60km/h – Just 1 out of 10 Pedestrians will Survive