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Road Safety, Cycling and Sustainable Transports

Drivers Use of Headlamps 

In good driving conditions, Headlamps in the average car enable the driver to see for about 100 meters on an unlit road. Using Dipped headlamps in good conditions enables the driver to see for about 30 meters. Ensure Headlamps are adjusted correctly. All lamps, reflectors, indicators and number plate lights MUST be kept clear and in good working order.

Full Headlamps

Only use FULL Headlamps when Driving at Night, except

  •  in built up areas.
  •  areas of special speed limits where there is good street lighting.
  •  when stopped in the course of traffic.

Dipped Headlamps

Use DIPPED Headlamps …

  •  when meeting other traffic.
  •  when driving through build-up areas.
  •  when on continuously lit roads outside built up or special speed limit areas.
  •  at Dawn and Dusk.
  •  in areas of dense fog, falling snow or heavy rain.