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  • Head Office: Áras Chill Dara Devoy Park Naas Co Kildare W91 X77F

Road Safety, Cycling and Sustainable Transports

School Wardens are probably better known as, or referred to by school goers as the 'Lollipop People'. Kildare County Council currently employs 25 fulltime School Wardens and 2 releif school wardens. Community Wardens also act as School Wardens when required to do so.

A School Warden is employed by the Local Authority (City or County Council) and they operate under Section 96 of the 1961 Road Traffic Act. A warden is empowered to stop and hold traffic in order to allow school children cross the road safely, in the vicinity of a primary school. A school warden is employed by the Local Authority to operate a primary schools. School Wardens do not operate at Second level schools or higher.

The road safety officer has overall responsibility for school wardens in county Kildare. A school warden is recognised by the bright yellow and red coloured Hi visibility coat and the Stop Sign that they carry.

Any driver who fails to stop for a school warden, while operating on a school crossing is liable to recieve one penalty point.

2 Penalty Points on Payment and an €80 Fixed Charge is paid within 28 days, or,
5 Penalty Points on conviction and a €120 fixed chartge fine after 28 days on non payment.