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What is a Well Grant?

It is a grant funded by the Department of Housing Planning and Local Government and administered by Kildare County Council. The objective of the Grant Scheme is to assist households dependent on private individual water supplies to improve a serious deficient supply either by drilling a new well or installing a new pump on an existing well.

How do I apply for a Well Grant?

Complete and return a `Terms and Conditions for grants for the improvement of a private water supply to a house` from Kildare County Council or on the 'Download Forms' section of the website.

How much of a Well Grant can I receive?

The level of a grant is determined by the type of improvements works being undertaken and shall not exceed the following amounts:

  1. (i) 85% of the approved costs for rehabilitation works, subject to a maximum of €3,000:


(ii) 85% of the approved costs for the provision of a new well, subject to a maximum of €5,000 (where the housing authority agrees that this is the most appropriate solution):


  1. 100% of the approved costs for works that, in the opinion of the housing authority, are necessary to treat the water to meet the water quality standards specified in the Regulations, subject to a maximum grant of €1,000. Examples of such treatments are filtration or Ultra Violet treatment.

How do I get a connection to the water mains?

Visit to apply online or alternatively phone Irish Water at 1850 278278 for more information/application form.

What is a Group Water Scheme (GWS)?

A GWS is the piping of water from a single source by a group of neighbours to their homes and associated farms.

How do I apply for a Group Water Scheme GWS?

The minimum number of houses required to set up a GWS is two. Full details in the Water Services section on the Kildare County Council website.

What funding is available for a Group Water Scheme (GWS)?

The Grant available from the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government is 85% of total costs up to a maximum grant payment of €6,475.66 per domestic connection. The members of the Group Scheme must pay a 15% contribution and monies collected from the members should be lodged to the Group Scheme Bank Account ready to meet costs as they fall due.

Who is responsible for maintenance of a Group Water Scheme (GWS)?

The individuals who are participants in the GWS are responsible for its maintenance, unless the scheme has been taken in charge by Kildare County Council.

How do we proceed with having the Group Water Scheme (GWS) taken in charge?

The GWS’s trustees must contact the Water Services Department and make it known that the Group Scheme wishes to be taken in charge by Kildare Ccounty Council.

How do I get a connection to the sewer?

Visit to apply online or alternatively phone Irish Water at 1850 278 278 for more information/application form.