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Decade of Commemorations

Civil War in Co. Kildare, 1922-1923

As part of the Co. Kildare Decade of Commemorations programme, a number of publications have been produced to coincide with the anniversaries of key events and which add to the legacy of research and material which has been created since 2013.

Wilful Murder. Lt. John Hubert Wogan-Browne, Kildare, 10 February 1922 is an account of the murder of a British Army officer, Lt. John Hubert Wogan-Browne, who was shot dead during a robbery in Kildare town on 10 February 1922.

A Timeline of the Civil War in Co. Kildare 1922-1924 highlights local political, military, social and cultural episodes and incidents in the county during the period.  Some of the major events that took place across the island of Ireland are also included to provide context. It will be of interest to anyone curious about the history of Co. Kildare, particularly local history groups and secondary school students, and help the wider public navigate the period of the Civil War in the county. While the book is not a comprehensive history of the Civil War, it brings new information to light which may lead to further research.

The Graney Ambush 1922 - On 24 October 1922 an IRA column ambushed a National Army tender at Graney crossroads on the Castledermot to Baltinglass road. Three National Army soldiers were killed and five wounded, one mortally. The attack was the most lethal ambush of the revolutionary period in Co. Kildare.

‘Mullaney’s Men.’ The rise and fall of the anti-Treaty forces in North Kildare, Grangewilliam 1922  - On 01 December 1922 an engagement took place at Grangewilliam/Pike Bridge between an anti-Treaty IRA column and a force of National troops which resulted in the death of one soldier and the subsequent execution of five captured republicans. This significant Civil War engagement was the last major battle to take place in Co. Kildare.

Strength of Comradeship : The Milltown Murder : Private Joseph Bergin 14 December 1923 is an account of the murder of a National Army soldier Private Joseph Bergin whose body was discovered at Milltown Bridge, Kildare on 14 December 1923. It details the background to the killing, the role of Military Intelligence in Private Bergin's death and the subsequent trials. 

Rebel Hearts. A biographical list of republican women activists in Co. Kildare 1913-1923 - It lists the known women activists of County Kildare during the 1913-1923 period with biographical information compiled from pension and medal applications; witness statements; birth, death, and marriage records; census records; arrest reports; newspaper obituaries; family information and photographs.