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Air Quality


In the following pages you will find information on air quality, industrial air emissions, licensing and what to do in the case of odour nuisance (links to these pages are provided below).  You may also review and look up information on the EPA’s website at the following link in relation to all of the above noted items;

The EPA manages the National Ambient Air Quality Network (2017-2022) in partnership with Local Authorities. This network consists of air quality monitoring stations located across the country.  In County Kildare, as part of this network, there are monitoring stations located in Celbridge, Newbridge, Leixlip and Naas.

Celbridge: Celbridge Air Monitoring Station
Newbridge: Newbridge Air Monitoring Station
Leixlip: Leixlip Air Monitoring Station
Naas:       Naas Air Monitoring Station

These monitoring stations collect air quality data, such as Particulate Matter (PM) for public information and for assessment against European legal limit values and WHO guideline values.  Click on the following link for a full list of localised Particulate Matter (PM) monitoring sites

Additional Information on air quality can be on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) website at

The Air Quality in Ireland 2020 report published by the EPA can be found on their website or downloaded here;

More recent publication "Ireland's Environment 2020" provides an update in Chapter 3 on the environmental challenges relating to Air Quality

Posters / videos, infographics and factsheets can be downloaded at

The charts below show the average particulate and gas readings collected by the monitoring stations in Kildare County. Measurements are recorded at regular intervals throughout the day. Further information can be found at airquality.ie.